Matt founded Hotlotz in 2015. Matt is our Managing Director, with overall responsibility for the business. Prior to establishing Hotlotz, Matt spent 20 years working in marketing roles in the United Kingdom.

Because it's a lot of fun! No two days are ever the same, I think you spend a lot of time at work, so you really must do something that you love. Running Hotlotz is (usually) the best job in the world!

When I relocated to Singapore I really felt this amazing country deserved a quality auctioneer that had honesty and integrity at its core, and which was prepared to be creative, to harness the power of new technologies, and to promote the importance of collecting and the secondary market in general. I wanted to build an auction business that Singapore could get behind and be proud of.

People think the business is about the products. But I think it’s actually all about the people. I love listening to my clients and finding out what support they need, whether they are selling or buying. We have an ‘open door’ policy at Hotlotz. Nothing makes me happier than people dropping into the saleroom to look at the exhibitions or to ask questions about items.

These days I’m lucky enough to be supported by a team of extraordinarily talented people, who are all passionate and enthusiastic about doing the best job that they can for our clients. That makes my job much easier. 

It’s difficult to name one because we see interesting and beautiful things every day. What I love the most is achieving a really good price for someone who isn’t expecting that much. It’s an amazing privilege to call up a vendor and give them the good news. 


Chris founded Hotlotz in 2015 together with co-founder Matt. Chris is our Director of Auctions, with responsibility for all consignments and sales. Chris has nearly 20 years experience in the auction industry and previously worked for Christie’s and Tennants in the United Kingdom.

I’ve had a life-long connection with the auction industry. My father was in the trade, I studied history of art, and then started my career which has always involved working in auction houses.

I moved to Singapore in 2014 and was very surprised that it didn’t have a multi-disciplinary auction house at the time. I was keen to create an auction house in Singapore which could connect collectors, buyers and sellers.

I love being able to advise and guide sellers who may not really know what their items are, whether they are of value, or the best way to sell them. With buyers, I enjoy helping them effectively rediscover or rehome an item. 

For me it’s all about discovery and realising the potential of items. To do that well, we focus on the client rather than just what they want to sell or might buy.

Throughout my career I’ve specialised in silver, so that always gets my attention.

At Hotlotz we see a lot of Peranakan works of art, from sellers in Singapore and the region. I recall one ‘haul’ from an old trunk which had been locked for 30 years. Another was from a different seller where valuable unprotected kamchengs were just mixed up with ornaments in a box from when a house was cleared. Everyone was very pleasantly surprised by what was found!

We also see fantastic collections, like the thousand plus piece ceramics collection of banker, entrepreneur and investor Quek Kiok Lee - which we sold across multiple sales.



Wayne is a valuer with nearly a decade of experience specialising in gemstones and jewellery. He is a Graduate Gemologist certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

My mother was a jewellery designer, which gave me an insight into the trade from an early age. My passion really grew when I started collecting gemstones and I then interned in auction houses in China as an entree into the business.

I love auctions because you see a huge variety of gemstones and jewellery, which you don’t find so much in a retail environment or the market generally.

For me it’s about achieving the best possible outcome for both buyers and sellers.

That means being meticulous in our appraisals and cataloguing and offering certifications on items of value, all of which gives buyers confidence in bidding.

It also means setting prices which are attractive to generate bidding and to reflect the market for the relevant materials at the time (as it can fluctuate widely).

I really liked a large single-owner collection we sold recently because it was an interesting mix of modern and antique jewellery, including some Victorian pieces, which you don’t tend to see in the local market. 

It was a near ‘white glove’ or sell-out sale, because of the unusual pieces and beautiful materials like sapphires, rubies, and jadeite. 

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