Hotlotz is an award winning auction house located in Singapore. We sell curated secondary market items in a range of trusted, convenient and sustainable general and specialist timed auctions. 

Our aim is to provide you with the best buying experience possible.

Unrivalled Auction Tech

Our bidding platform is powered by robust technology from our global partner, Auction Technology Group. It’s used by thousands of auctioneers worldwide, meaning you can bid with confidence.

Curated Choices

As the leading auctioneer in Singapore, we hold over thirty general and specialist sales a year across a wide variety of subject areas, more than any other saleroom in South East Asia.

Rigorous Processes

Every item we sell is professionally evaluated, checked for condition and authenticity and supported by an estimate range to give you guidance on what we think it will sell for.

Convenient Viewing

We welcome visitors to our saleroom where our team are on hand to advise new and experienced buyers alike. We always recommend viewing items in person where possible.

Sustainable Options

Buying from the secondary market saves you money and is more sustainable. In addition, every time you buy an item of furniture our partner One Tree Planted plants a tree on your behalf.


Before you can bid you need to create a Hotlotz account, if you don't already have one. This is free-of-charge and only takes a minute or two.

Once you have created a Hotlotz account you will need to additionally register for every specific auction that you take part in using the ‘Register to Bid’ button found in every auction catalogue.

When registering for an auction you may be asked to register payment card information in your Hotlotz account. Should you be successful in the auction your payment card will not be automatically charged.

Enhanced Identity Information

If you win an item with a hammer price of $20,000 SGD or more you may be asked to provide enhanced identity information, including uploading a copy of your passport or other government-issued photo ID to your Hotlotz account.

This is required to keep your account safe and to enable us to stay current with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines. All information is collected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.


Our calendar of current and upcoming auction catalogues is available to view online.

Auction catalogues are published approximately 10 days prior to an auction closing date. To stay up-to-date please visit the auction catalogues page regularly and subscribe to receive email updates. The quickest way to find out about new auctions is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Digital Auction Catalogues

Each page in our auction catalogues describes a specific item that we are offering for sale. These items are also known as auction lots. 

Each lot is illustrated with professional photography and accompanied by a catalogue note which provides a short description of the item, together with relevant dimensions and weight. The description will also include any known provenance or designation that the item may have, as well as listing any other ancillary objects that were consigned with it, e.g. keys, boxes, stands, dust bags, certificates, receipts, etc

Most items also have a brief condition note. We sell preowned and antique items in 'as is' condition. Many items are of an age or nature which precludes their being in perfect condition and you should expect general wear and tear commensurate with age and use. Bidding is binding so we strongly advise you to examine items before you bid. Please pay particular attention to dimensions and sizes.

Individual lot pages also includes a number of other features. There is a ‘share’ feature so you can email the lot page to a friend or contact. There is also a ‘watchlist’ feature, so if you click the heart-shaped icon it will add the item to your personal watchlist in your Hotlotz account.

In Person Viewing

Every item is on view in the Hotlotz saleroom, unless there is a note to the contrary in the catalogue notes, or the item is offered for sale in a ‘Home Contents’ auction when viewing takes place at the property.

Viewing is available during saleroom opening hours. Appointments are not necessary unless this is stipulated in the auction catalogue.

Requesting Additional Information

If you are unable to view in person or you would like additional information about an item we can schedule a video call with you or provide you with a written condition report. We can also email additional photos or video on request.

Condition reports are provided as a goodwill gesture and are our general assessment of damage and restoration. Whilst care is taken in their drafting, they are for guidance only. We will not be held responsible for oversights concerning damage or restoration. 

Individual lot pages also include an option to ‘ask a question’. If you use this function it will send an email to the saleroom.

Please try to make additional information requests in good time. We may not be able to reply to requests that are sent at the weekend or on the day of the auction.


All bidding takes place online in timed auctions. Bids are placed using our digital bidding platform and bidding opens when an auction catalogue is published. We do not support other types of bidding. e.g. live, absentee or telephone bidding.

Individual lot pages display opening or current bids, the next minimum bid amount that the platform will accept, and the time remaining before the auction closes.

Opening Bids

The opening bid amount is also the item’s ‘reserve’ price. This is the lowest price that the item can be bought for.


We assign a low and high estimate range to each item. Estimates are based on a range of factors including our examination of the item, its provenance and condition, and recent auction records for comparable items.

Bidding Increments

All of our auctions use the following predetermined bidding increment table. You cannot place a bid unless it meets these increments.

$0 and $400 bids rise in $20 increments

$400 and $1,000 bids rise in $50 increments

$1,000 and $2,000 bids rise in $100 increments

$2,000 and $5,000 bids rise in $200 increments

$5,000 and $10,000 bids rise in $500 increments

$10,000 and $100,000 bids rise in $1,000 increments

After $100,000 bids rise in $5,000 increments

Staggered End Times

Lots in our auctions all close in sequence in intervals of one minute, starting at the published end time of the auction. e.g. If the published end time of the auction is 6pm, Lot 1 will close at 6pm, however Lot 75 would close seventy five minutes later at 7.15pm.

Auctioneer’s Tip: An individual countdown clock appears on every lot, in the last twenty-four hours of its designated closing time, so you can see exactly how much time is left, right down to the last second!

Auto-Extended Bidding

If you place a bid within five minutes of the designated closing time of a lot, the bidding period for that lot will be extended by a further five minutes. This extension will continue until a full five minutes has elapsed without another bid being placed.

Auctioneer’s Tip: Stay focused on the closing time of the lots that you are interested in. The extension of a lot’s closing time does not affect the other lots’ closing times.

Confidential Maximum Bids

If you prefer, you may enter a maximum bid. This is the most you are willing to pay for an item. Our bidding platform will then bid intelligently for you, against any other competitors, bidding only enough for you to stay in the lead. Your maximum bid amount remains totally confidential, even Hotlotz does not know what it is.

Auctioneer’s Tip: Consider placing maximum bids early. If two or more bidders leave identical bids, the first bid received will take precedence.


Winner’s Notifications

A computer-generated winner’s notification email is sent to you if you are a successful bidder when an auction closes. It confirms the items that you have won, and the corresponding hammer prices that you have paid.

A full set of auction results is published at hotlotz.com within 24 hours of every auction closing.

Online Checkout

Successful bidders receive a further email within 24 hours of an auction closing time that includes a link to their itemised invoice, and full instructions on how to make payment. Payment is due immediately.

You can also find your invoices in your Hotlotz account alongside an explainer, should you have any questions.

Our online checkout accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express payment cards. Once payment has been made, we will provide confirmation of payment by email as well as filing a receipt in your Hotlotz account. We do not charge additional fees if you use a payment card.

Our online checkout does not have the functionality to split payments or to accept multiple payment cards.

We also accept payments by bank transfer and PayNow and full instructions are provided when you checkout if you prefer to use these payment methods.

We do not accept payments in cash or by cheque.

We can only accept payment from the winning bidder. We cannot accept third-party payments from an individual or organisation that is not named as the winning bidder on the invoice. This includes payments from the spouse of a winning bidder or another family member.

Please note that items will only be released when a full, cleared payment has been received from the winning bidder named on the invoice.


We have extremely limited storage capacity so removals must take place within seven days of the closing date of the auction or storage fees may apply.

Every item is available for removal from the Hotlotz saleroom, unless there is a note to the contrary in the catalogue notes, or the item is offered for sale in a ‘Home Contents’ auction where removals take place from the property.


If you are self-collecting please check our saleroom opening hours before you visit. No appointment is necessary however if you have multiple or large items, or very delicate items that require specialist packaging materials, then prior notification is helpful.

If you have a vehicle we have designated parking spaces and level access at the rear of the saleroom. If you are collecting heavy items please ensure that you have adequate manpower. We do not have porters and whilst we will always endeavour to assist, it may not be possible every time.

If you have any questions please contact the saleroom.

Sending Your Own Shipper

If you prefer to send your own shipper (or another person who is collecting on your behalf) please send us a confirmation email authorising us to release the item and include the name of the person collecting and the proposed collection date and time.

Please ensure that your shipper has an adequate number of people to move your items along with whatever packing materials you feel are necessary.

Shipping Organised by Hotlotz

We will contact you to discuss your requirements if you request shipping organised by Hotlotz. This can be requested during the online checkout process or by email or telephone. We will provide you with a bespoke quote for your consideration, as packaging and transportation requirements vary by item and destination.

We always try to identify the most cost effective solution. All quotes are fulfilled by Hotlotz approved suppliers and include appropriate packaging materials and all delivery costs.

We work with most major local and international shipping companies and specialist art handling companies and can provide cost effective and professional solutions for your packing and shipping requirements.

Please ask us about insurance options.


Buyer’s Premium

A buyer’s premium equal to 30% of the closing bid amount will be added to the hammer price. e.g. If the closing bid amount is $100.00, you will be invoiced for $130.00.

No buyer’s premium is charged on purchases in the Hotlotz Marketplace.

Auction Currency

All bidding increments, opening and current bids, closing bids (also known as the hammer price) and buyer’s premium, as well as fixed prices in the Hotlotz Marketplace, are denominated in Singapore Dollars and, in line with Singapore price display rules, are shown as inclusive of all GST paid by the buyer.

Successful bidders who are Non-Singapore Residents

If you have registered a country of residence in your Hotlotz account that is not Singapore we will initially send you a Statement of Account, rather than a link to an itemised invoice. This will show that GST has been zero-rated.

Successful bidders who are non-Singapore residents will be asked to re-confirm that they are non-resident and provide an overseas shipping address. They will also be asked to instruct Hotlotz to manage the export process on their behalf, and for it to take place within 60 days of the auction date.

If they agree to these IRAS mandated export conditions Hotlotz will send an email with a link to a zero-rated GST invoice. Payment is then due immediately.

Non-Singapore residents should note that we are legally obligated to charge GST if you do not agree to these export conditions (i.e. if Hotlotz is not managing the export process on your behalf, or if the export does not take place within 60 days of the auction date).


You can manage a wide range of functionality from the dashboard in your Hotlotz account. 

  • Update your profile, address book and preferences
  • Upload enhanced identity information
  • Request appraisals using our ‘sell with us’ valuation tool
  • Review items in your ‘watchlists’
  • Sign sales contracts
  • Manage consigned items
  • Review invoices and make payments
  • Review settlement statements
  • Save payment card and bank account details


After every auction closes any unsold items may be offered for sale in the Hotlotz Marketplace. These items will be available for instant purchase at a fixed price. No buyer’s premium is charged on purchases in the Hotlotz Marketplace.


Please help us by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • View items in person where possible. Bidding is binding so please make sure that you are happy with your choices before you place a bid
  • Pay invoices immediately. Never use a payment card or bank account that belongs to someone else, even a spouse or family member
  • Remove purchased items from the saleroom promptly, and within seven days of the sale date, or storage fees may apply
  • Keep identity and contact information up-to-date. Upload enhanced identity information into your Hotlotz account if requested
  • Congratulate yourself! Buying from the secondary market isn’t just stylish, it saves you money and it's more sustainable 


Please note the following specific conditions. Learn more about our Terms & Conditions here.

Removing Bids

You cannot cancel a bid once it has been submitted. Each bid you place enters you into a binding contract with Hotlotz.

Reducing Maximum Bids

You can reduce your maximum bid by entering a reduced maximum bid amount in the input box where you would normally place your bid. You must make sure that the reduced amount meets a bidding increment and that it is more than or equal to the current bid.

Cataloguing Errors

If you think that Hotlotz has made a cataloguing error please email us immediately to seek clarification, ideally before you place a bid.

Please note that all weights and measures that we provide should be regarded as approximate. The colour reproduced in our digital catalogues may not be necessarily true. We always recommend viewing items in person where possible.


We're always here to help. If you have questions you can often find the answers you are looking for by browsing common topics in our FAQ and Glossary sections. You can also visit our saleroom and speak to a member of the team, or contact us by phone on (+65) 6254 7616 or by email at hello@hotlotz.com.

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