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Specialist Auctions

Hotlotz holds regular 'Home & Decor' online auctions on the first Sunday of every month at

These general sales include a wide variety of good quality furniture and decorative items. Every lot is checked, catalogued and curated by our team of valuers. Additional photography and condition reports are available on request.

We also host regular specialist online auctions on the digital platform of our international auction partner, These auctions include:

- Asian Collectables and Works of Art (including Silver & Ceramics)

- Art

- Jewellery & Watches

- Designer & Luxury (including Designer Fashion & Handbags) 


Hotlotz 2020 - Auction Schedule


'Home & Decor - October' - No sale in October due to the scheduled Hotlotz platform upgrades

'Home & Decor - November' - Catalogue published Wednesday 21 October, Bidding closes from 8pm on Sunday 1 November. Consignment Deadline Monday 14 October. 

'Asian Collectables & Works of Art' - Catalogue published Wednesday 28 October, Bidding closes from 8pm on Sunday 8 November. Consignment Deadline Wednesday 21 October.

'Designer & Luxury' - Catalogue published Wednesday 4 November, Bidding closes from 8pm on Sunday 15 November. Consignment Deadline Wednesday 28 October.

'Jewellery & Watches' - Catalogue published Wednesday 18 November, Bidding closes from 8pm on Sunday 29 November. Consignment Deadline Monday 9 November.

'Home & Decor - December' - Catalogue published Wednesday 25 November, Bidding closes from 8pm on Sunday 6 December. Consignment Deadline Monday 16 November.

'Home & Decor - January' - Catalogue published Wednesday 23 December, Bidding closes from 8pm on Sunday 3 January. Consignment Deadline Monday 7 December.

Please contact the saleroom if you would like to discuss consignment.