Edo/Meiji period

Constructed in wood with natural finish and iron fittings, with seven different sized drawers

With fittings on both sides of the drawers

Showing minimalist design with straight lines and little ornate detailing

34cm deep x 152cm wide x 108cm high

>> Upper section missing sliding doors, some wear in places consistent with age and use

>> Can be used as a bookshelf

A stunning piece of furniture with beautiful patina !

Note: Cha-Dansu are chests for tea ceremony utensils

Tansu is a traditional style of Japanese furniture that are designed to be mobile storage cabinets. The word “tansu” is used to refer to Japanese furniture in a general sense but has a literal translation meaning “chest” or “container.” Made using traditional hand woodworking tools, tansu furniture has been perfected as an art form throughout the centuries. Tansu places an emphasis on functional use over the aesthetic design. The focus on ergonomics is different in the sense that the functional use caters to a unique need; the need to be mobile and easy to transport. Tansu never have legs and often uses hand-forged iron, a status symbol in Japanese culture and often associated with prominence and nobility

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